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Join Us. Together We Stand For a Safer Community.

We love our neighborhoods and are optimistic about the future of our city

We are neighbors, businesses, MPD, Park Police, UMPD and Hennepin County Sheriff's Office all moving forward together in a spirit of friendship

We love our neighborhoods and we come together to serve them in many ways:

  • We walk our neighborhoods and talk to everyone 

  • We distribute literature on personal safety and crime prevention 

  • We increase awareness of pedestrian safety and partner with our elected officials to improve safety for pedestrians 

  • We educate small businesses on resources for persons experiencing homelessness 

  • We share local knowledge and give directions and recommendations

  • We pick up litter

  • We get help for persons in crisis

  • We have fun being together and growing and nurturing new friendships

We are continuous learners

We are continuous learners who strive to improve our knowledge by visiting with civic and community leaders to learn about their areas of responsibility. Leaders from whom we have learned include:

  • Hennepin County Sheriff Dawanna Witt

  • MPD Chief Brian O'Hara

  • Park Police Chief Jason Ohotto

  • Ward 3 Council Member Michael Rainville

  • Minneapolis Park Commissioner Elizabeth Shaffer

  • A Mother's Love Founder and CEO Lisa Clemons

  • A Mother's Love COO Donna Anderson

  • Former Downtown Council President Steve Cramer

  • The Leadership Team of the MPD 1st Precinct

  • 311 Director of Operations Mwende Nzimbe and Team

  • Saray Garnett-Hochuli, Deputy City Operations Officer

  • Director of Minneapolis Public Health Department Damon Chaplin

  • Director of Regulatory Services Enrique Velazquez

  • MPD 1st Precinct Crime Prevention Specialist Renee Allen

  • HCSO Narcan Training Team

  • Krav Maga Minneapolis

  • Commander Kathy Waite, Director Shannon Johnson, and the MPD Forensics Division and Crime Lab Team 

  • Michaela Taddeini and the DID Green Team

  • Minneapolis Fire Department Station #1 Captain Joe Schulz

  • Commander Emily Olson, Commander James Novak, Lieutenant Jack Kelly, and Manager Katie Miller of the MPD Investigations Division

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